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19-20 August 2023 Portrait painting from life

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

This 12-hour workshop will guide participants through the fundamentals of portrait painting, a key skill in any artist's development. We will cover;

  • preparing the initial sketch,

  • creating a colour study

  • composing the image on a bigger format

  • establishing large colour masses

  • building up the form and finally,

  • developing features of the face and adding final touches.

The course will focus on how to understand and simplify the form, navigate through the planes of the head and observe how colour and value changes as the light travels across the subject.

Inspired by the method taught by the Russian Academy in Florence, and taught by classically trained artist Nina Ruminska. Suitable for all levels. Teaching will be tailored to participant’s individual needs.

We'll break each day for a 1 hour lunch.


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