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During the workshop, Nina explained to us the character of the various drawing material such as sepia, sanguine, charcoal, and graphite. We also prepared the surface for the final drawing by stretching the paper onto a wooden board, and then applying the undertone! *THE FUNNIEST PART OF THE WORKSHOP 😊🖌️On the first day of the workshop, Nina helped us to sketch the live model, very challenging!! 



I loved it so much. Learnt tonnes of stuff and had a chance to get my brain working back into the academic method. I had so much fun toning the paper with literal stardust aka pastel/charcoal/ sanguine dust and water. The effect is so unpredictable and magical



I had the privilege of doing a portrait workshop over the weekend with a very gifted artist @nina ruminska. I learned so much about composition, shading and working out proportions-looking forward to trying out some of these new portrait skills on unsuspecting friends! Thank you to @block_t for hosting the event



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