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Sketching with confidence

A practical guide to building drawing skills and generating visual ideas.

Featuring the fundamentals of drawing.

5 week online course.

Wednesdays // 19:00-21:00

Starts 28th Februrary!


28th February 2024

6th March 2024

13th March 2024

20th March 2024 

27th March 2024

Taught by a professional
painter, and an experienced teacher, Nina Ruminska

Before beginning her academic studies in Florence, Nina spent years sketching anything and everywhere. The end result is "A Decade of Sketching" eBook.

We will talk about:

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 12.15.19.png

Course overview:

Week 1 - Introduction to sketching

  • How to build the habit of sketching

  • Sketching principles

  • Difference between a sketch and a study

  • Why is sketching an essential part of art practice?

  • Improving observation, the science of seeing

  • Introduction to new mediums and surfaces

  • Mindset in art


Week 2 - Line​

  • Techniques of drawing using soft materials, graphite and colour 


Week 3 - Mass​

  • Techniques of drawing using graphite, tempera and charcoal 


Week 4 - Colour​

  • Techniques of drawing (and painting) using soft pastels, gouache, watercolour


Week 5 - Strategies for the future

  • Summary of what’s been covered in the course

  • Practical advice and tactics for improving your drawing in the future

During this course you will learn all the whys and hows of sketching. 


You'll be encouraged to create 5-7 sketches per week. Your work will be reviewed and critiqued, and suggestions for improving your sketches will be offered.


The workshop will include nine different demonstrations covering nine different subjects and techniques. We will explore various mediums, including: graphite, soft materials, chalk pastels, watercolour, tempera, gouache. Nina will take you through a practical demonstration of her sketching technique and how she approaches the specific subject matter. Each demo will emphasise a different aspect of drawing.


The primary goal of the course is to build the habit of sketching, which will undoubtedly contribute to your artistic development. This workshop is an opportunity to experiment with various mediums and expose yourself to new ways of seeing.


Classes will be conducted via zoom.

Access to desktop computer and a speedy internet connection will be required.

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