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Highlights from RDS Art Source 2022

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

This year was my first time participating in ArtSource, the biggest annual art fare in Ireland. I did not know what to expect when I was booking my balcony stand. Lots of thinking and preparation went into it from choosing my stand, selecting work to display, planning out the layout, to finally packing up, showing up on the day and setting up the stand.

Work featured this year was my academic pieces completed in Florence something I've been wanting to exhibit way earlier, but didn't quite have the opportunity. Alongside the larger work I showed my recent plein air and still life studies.

It turned out to be a fantastic few days! Some sales have been made (thank you to all my collectors!) BUT the people aspect cannot be undervalued. It may sound very trivial but it was absolutely magical to display work to real people, observe real reactions and have real conversations something one does really appreciate in the post-pandemic time. Moving forward I will definitely invest more time and energy into exhibiting work offline hopefully see you in RDS next year!

Highlights from the show below.

Video by Zuzanna Gorzalczynska


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