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10th - 31st January 2024 Portrait With Hands

During this four-week workshop, participants will have the opportunity to capture a portrait with hands from a life model (clothed). The hands are such an expressive feature of the human body and can reveal a lot about personality and character.

The first class will be focused on drawing. We will discuss anatomy of the head and hands, and elements of the constructive method will be applied to maintain correct proportions.

We will discuss the significance of composition in conveying a feeling and mood in a painting.

Preparatory colour studies will be done to solve the overall colour relationship.

We will talk about colour mixing and how to produce realistic, natural looking flesh tones. 

Over the following three weeks, we will build up the painting, beginning with large colour masses, gradually developing the form, and progressing to the final stage of the painting, when we will solve details.

Artists of all levels welcome.

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